Gastric Cancer: Treatment, Etiology and Epidemiology

Treatment, Etiology and Epidemiology

 Gastric Cancer The World Health Organization says that gastric cancer is one of the most common neoplasms in the contemporary world; It is the second cause of death in men and third in women. There are numerous risk factors associated with the development of gastric cancer in certain regions of ...

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Medical Articles: Vomiting and pregnancy


 Vomiting and pregnancy: Why they are common in early pregnancy? Approximately three-quarters of pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting during the first weeks of gestation. The first symptoms within days of identifying the menstrual delay is noticeable but, although nausea may continue until the end of pregnancy, vomiting usually disappear ...

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Medical Articles: Collagen diseases and reproductive health


 Collagen diseases and reproductive health: Syndrome characterized by ASSOCIATION Venous thrombosis, arterial or BOTH, RECURRING AND LOSSES GESTATIONAL Detection of antiphospholipid antibodies Diagnostic criteria Antiphospholipid Syndrome (2006): 1.CLINICS Vascular thrombosis: 1 or more episodes of arterial thrombosis, venous or small vessels in any organ or tissue (it must be confirmed ...

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Medical Articles: Fetal Maturity


 Fetal Maturity: We can define as the mature fetus has reached the functional capacity of their organs for life outside the womb without special care. The assessment of fetal maturity is of great importance to certain obstetric circumstances when it is necessary to terminate the pregnancy. Given the current inability ...

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