Medical Articles: Vomiting and pregnancy


 Vomiting and pregnancy: Why they are common in early pregnancy? Approximately three-quarters of pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting during the first weeks of gestation. The first symptoms within days of identifying the menstrual delay is noticeable but, although nausea may continue until the end of pregnancy, vomiting usually disappear ...

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Medical Articles: Collagen diseases and reproductive health


 Collagen diseases and reproductive health: Syndrome characterized by ASSOCIATION Venous thrombosis, arterial or BOTH, RECURRING AND LOSSES GESTATIONAL Detection of antiphospholipid antibodies Diagnostic criteria Antiphospholipid Syndrome (2006): 1.CLINICS Vascular thrombosis: 1 or more episodes of arterial thrombosis, venous or small vessels in any organ or tissue (it must be confirmed ...

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Medical Articles: Fetal Maturity


 Fetal Maturity: We can define as the mature fetus has reached the functional capacity of their organs for life outside the womb without special care. The assessment of fetal maturity is of great importance to certain obstetric circumstances when it is necessary to terminate the pregnancy. Given the current inability ...

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Medical Articles: Isthmian-Cervical Incompetence


 Isthmian-Cervical Incompetence: Isthmian-Cervical Incompetence is nothing but the painless cervical dilation in the second trimester or early third, allowing the descent of the membranes with formation of a bag hourglass is broken and continues the expulsion of an immature fetus, often condemned to survive. The fundamental factor is the trauma ...

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Medical Articles: Laparoscopic procedure that allows visualization


 Laparoscopic¬†procedure¬†that allows visualization: It is a procedure that allows visualization of the peritoneal cavity through an optical device (laparoscope). It also lets you perform many gynecological procedures through small abdominal incisions (laparoscopic surgery). Surgical Technique: Laparoscopy is performed under general anesthesia in the operating room, endotracheal intubation, ECG monitoring and ...

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Medical Articles: Preeclampsia condition in pregnancy


 Preeclampsia condition in pregnancy: Hypertensive disorders complicate the 10 to 25% of all pregnancies and are major contributors to perinatal and maternal morbidity and mortality so its management is extremely important for doctors treating pregnant women whether obstetricians, internists or general practitioners. Classification: The classification more accepted by most (and ...

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Medical Articles: Puerperal Sterilization


 Puerperal Sterilization: Under this term a series of contraceptive techniques performed during the postpartum and aimed the final and effective prevention of future pregnancies meets. Puerperal sterilization has obvious advantages by leveraging hospitalization, prolonging only a few days. Postpartum tubal ligation by minilaparotomy is performed easily in the immediate postpartum ...

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